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Jessica, you're most like Reese Witherspoon

A smart cookie like you probably already knows why you're a match with this sharp, driven Oscar winner. Like her, you push yourself into unfamiliar territory whether it's taking on more responsibility at work or trying out a new hobby. You're an achiever who's willing to work hard to be the best you can be.

With your smarts and savvy, it's no surprise doors will continue to open for you wherever you go. The best part? You know that you don't have to step on anyone along the way to reach your goals. That's because whether or not you share Reese's golden locks, you share her golden heart.

Jessica, your movie star double is Jennifer Lopez

A magnetic maven like you needs to be played by someone who knows how to get an audience's attention — and keep it. That's why Jennifer Lopez would be a great leading lady in the movie of your life. You've got a certain star quality that makes people applaud whatever you decide to put your energy into. Regardless of whether you match J Lo's glamorous look, her mega-diva glow will help translate your stunning charisma to the silver screen.

Back in high school, were you the one in the spotlight — star of the school play, student council president, and popular girl around town? Well, with your charms, you should have been. There's just something about you that has people screaming for more. But that's a good thing since you probably thrive when you're being social, surrounded by people, or getting out and about.

If some people perceive you as high maintenance, you can just tell them that you have high expectations. If you're willing to work so hard on yourself, why can't other people do the same? So get ready for the new cast in the movie of your life headed by none other than J Lo herself.

Jessica, your inner rock star is Kelly Clarkson

Hey, Miss Independent! You don't need America's vote to figure out that your music match is sweet and sassy Kelly Clarkson. Since U been here, you're all about having a good time and showing the world that the girl-next-door has the confidence and charisma to make it big. With your undeniable talent and big heart, it's no wonder you're at the top of the charts. Rock on!

Jessica, your celeb match is Jake Gyllenhaal

Obviously, a cutie like you is paired with sweet and adorable Jake Gyllenhaal.

You're tight with your best buds and always willing to lend a hand when someone needs it, whether it's taking a long bike ride, moving to a new home, or mending a broken heart. You can't help it — you're a great friend. And your date should be too. Now that's lovely & amazing!


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